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My Curatorial Debut

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Images taken from my Curatorial debut at Insole Court Gardens. The theme of the exhibition was centred around Artificial Intelligence and possible robotic futures.

Humanities curiosity with A.I. and the imaginable repercussions

“If I were to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that, so we need to be very careful with artificial intelligence. I’m increasingly inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish.”-Elon Musk, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AeroAstro 100 conference on Oct. 24, 2014



What this exhibition is striving for, is to create a range of works, exploring, analyzing or commenting upon the divisive subject of artificial intelligence. Ideas of what may come should humans conceive and execute creating a conscious machine have been circulating through science and media for decades, and with the success of  the ‘Wiseman test’ in July of 2015;

It seems we are closer than we could ever imagine.

What gives us the right to create? Should we be playing God? Just because we can, does that mean we should? What possible futures lay before us as a species?  These are all themes which the brief sets to explore, but also feel free to explore in your individual manner.

Opening a Portal to the Toy Realm.

Dr.X Dreams


What if Dr.X, (action mans arch enemy) had feelings? Unable to act upon these emotions, possibly concerning rejection for being a ‘bad guy’, or anger for the same reasons.

Seaking guidance and acceptance amoungst his peers, he delves deep into the cosmic mind, the part reserved for confused, existentially challenged objects like himself. Beckoning for a glimpse of hope, that there maybe more to his existence than just to antagonize, he is shown glimpses of of what can only be described as a pantheon of toy gods old and new. All conversing with each other simultaneously. The sound becomes blurred, vision louder, the sense of time is void.

And he must choose, accept the life that has been breathed into him, or loose himself completely to the cosmic conversation.


Just having some fun experimenting with colour effects, hue saturation’s and compositions.


I am particularly fond of the two bouncy balls above exchanging thoughts and information via networks shared of bouncy balls of this realities past.

Responses to text

‘They are somehow plucked out of a superspace of some sort via very subtle quantum mechanical transductions that go on at a molecular level. The Divine Imagination is the reality behind appearance. Appearance is simply the local sight of The Divine Imagination.’ – Terrence Mckenna, 2001, ‘Chaos, creativity and cosmic consciousness’.

Differing world views

The world as seen through the eyes of the object-orientated cosmic attractor. An entity, which experiences life, physically static, though its field of vision would constantly be in flux. Animation pending . . .